Site Management

Site Management

AMB360 Provide a complete “hands on” Site Management Service. From the initial assessment stage onwards, it is our attention to the minutiae that gives you complete site control from build to breakdown. All the initial hard work and planning, help to ensure a smooth and seamless event occurs on time and to schedule.

Our Site Managers are fully experienced in converting our detailed plan into an effective safe and secure working environment. Our team co-ordinate the build with the various contractors and their staff, vet site visitors and control security access and exit to and from your site.

Private & Corporate Events

Whether it is a secure private Business meeting, a Pop concert or a Celebrity wedding, all efficiently run events require detailed co-ordination, planning and execution. No event is too large or small to benefit from AMB360’s security expertise. Attention to detail throughout is essential.

Our team has extensive experience in providing a professional and discrete security presence at a wide variety of both celebrity and corporate events. Whilst the safety and security of our principal is paramount, your clients and guests will also enjoy the freedom to enjoy your event in a carefully controlled and managed environment.