Close Protection

Providing individual and group close protection or residential security teams
AMB360 delivers a professional, discreet and flexible service. This will enable you to achieve your objectives with confidence, both at home or abroad.

Working with corporate executives, families and individuals, AMB360 has the knowledge, operational experience and skills to develop tailored security solutions that address threats in today’s environment. Terrorism, instability and civil unrest provide business executives and the VIP with numerous security difficulties. Most celebrities have
suffered with unwanted attention from the paparazzi or on a more personally dangerous level from an obsessed stalker. Everyone’s security situation is unique. AMB360’s highly trained Close Protection Personnel will conduct your individual or group protection with a full understanding of the issues and safety that are personal to yourself.

All our operatives are fully licenced. They have proven exemplary records in their field. They are all ex-Special Forces, ex-Police Special Branch and Specialist Security Professionals with a unique area of expertise.

RST (Residential Security Team)

When away from your place of residence, Close Protection Security will ensure your safety and wellbeing. At home however there are still potential breaches of security that can be negated with a Residential Security Team.

AMB360 provide either a highly visible or extremely discrete presence. We can secure an occupied or an empty property.

We protect against Burglary, Criminal Activity, even Espionage. Our professionals monitor access, control mail and deliveries. We operate both inside your property and/or throughout your grounds. This service gives you peace of mind regarding your home whether you are on or off the premises.